Re-Form Solutions   

We are Health and Wellbeing specialists that use Learning and Development, to support your business in creating safer and more productive environments. 

How we do this-


- Company wellbeing health checks

- Data feedback and reporting


- Policy review and adjustments


-Health and safety

- First Aid

- Mental Health for First Aid


-Awareness Courses

- Soft Skills

- Communication

-Leadership and management


- 1:1 Coaching (Mindset, Career, Skills or Leadership and management)


- Group

What Clients Say

Chris was fantastic on the day of the practical assessment and addressed the areas that we were unsure or concerned about very well. Richard has been fantastic with communication and every question and concern was answered promptly. Excellent company to with work!

Safe environment?

Do your people work in the safest  of environments?

We offer a full range of Health and safety services to ensure your people's working environment is the safest it could possibly be. Before any work can be done to support and Mental Health and Well-being it is important to create the right Physical Environment.

Services include: Site Inspections, Fire Safety Inspections, Employee Surveys, Safety Reports, Policy Advice and writing and procedure review.

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Happy environment?

Do you have a workplace environment that promotes 

Supporting Moral, and positive mental health

Good workplace environments and a culture of support is key for any business.

In order to maintain high retention rates and productivity it is keep to that your culture supports a happy and health people.

We will help you understand your peoples needs and help you create and implement a plan that will create a happy workplace.


Well trained people?

Are your people well trained, do you need help putting a positive work place culture that allows people to grow?

We offer a full range of training and coaching opportunities that underpins health and well-being in business. We can coach your managers and leaders in ways to support your peoples mental health and well-being, allowing for a happy and productive workforce.

Services include: Manager and leadership coaching, full range of training, On site classroom based learning, online training, Blended learning, one to one mentoring and learning and development needs assessment

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Wellbeing support for small and medium sized companies: Employers who provide a positive work environment are likely to have engaged employees and a satisfied workforce. They can also counteract the challenges brought on by the high cost of living, pension changes, unmanageable workloads, health related costs and an ageing workforce.


We provide wellbeing support to employers who want to create a healthy workplace culture. Have an idea, but need some help getting it across? Perhaps you're looking at developing an employee wellness program? Maybe you're thinking about how to increase your corporate social responsibility (CSR) score? We've got your back.

We understand how important this is because we have been there, we worked for the best and the worse in a variety of industries and we have truly seen great managers who know what it is to be leaders and others who are just in it for themselves. 

Over 30 years of collective experience of education and training and time supporting employees and employers with getting their environment and culture right has given us unique insight and experience that allows us to help others get it righ

We aim to be always - Helpful, well-informed, upbeat but above all credible

G-Life Business Services

G-Life Business Services are our secondary services design to help connect business with each other networking opportunities and cost effective advertising. 

We offer our own E-zine called "The Training Ground", a online magazine exploring Learning and Development for small and medium enterprises. 

G-Life will also offer networking events, conferences and an Award Gala, celebrating the best in SME and business. We want G-Life to be a cost effective way for business to to connect to each other while offering a valuable services. 

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