The opportunities of Brexit is via your employees 

A blog post by Vexatious Doyen

No matter how you voted in the 2016 European Referendum, when we officially leave the European Union at 11pm on Friday, we will be jumping into the unknown; even the best prepared business are still just hedging their bets. The future agreement of our trading rules with the EU will affect every business, whether you want it to or not, and will affect every part of your business. Even a pro brexit business like Wetherspoons will suffer some type of unforeseen consequences of Brexit. This is only natural as the rules of pretty much every business operation could change. We have been a member of the EU in some form or another since 1973, now in 2020 we are choosing a new path. The key thing for every business in these uncertain times will naturally be to look after your staff--these are the people who will get you through any turbulence. In the last week, we have heard of a number of businesses looking to reduce staff through restructuring. At a time of such uncertainty, this could cost the business more than they envision, or, on the flipside, they may save the business-- this is yet to be seen. The key thing is that, regardless of the change in legal obligations, businesses recognise that we live in a global world, if you do not treat your staff in the right way you will suffer as they will leave. There are many potential risks and rewards to Brexit, but the best way to navigate it is to keep your staff happy and increase productivity. In this way you will weather any storm on the horizon. If you need help ensuring your business is ship shape contact us and we can come see what help you need. simple solutions to complex problems

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