Toxic environments and their damaging effects wellbeing

Most people spend the majority of the waking day with people they have no choice but to be with. We all need to be able to come to work in an environment that allows us to be happy (and if not happy, at least valued and content, and definitely not stressed or depressed!) and get the best from us. But unfortunately, not all places of work are like that.

Staff morale is the biggest driver on increasing productivity and decreasing staff turnover, engaged and motivated staff literally means better profits and this means happy stakeholders all around.

But the wider implication of unhappy staff will have a wider effect on the safety of your environment. Research by Queens School of Business and the Gallup Organization, as reported by EHT Today, shows that unhappy staff are 49% more likely to have an accident at work and 60% more likely to make errors.

Organizations with low employee engagement scores experienced lower productivity, profitability, job growth and share price over time.

Many companies think that the only thing staff care about is their pay packet, but research indicates that staff are more interested in a good working environment with good relationships between managers and colleagues.

It was what we call the 4C’s of effective staff motivation: community, communication and consultation, creativity, and care. It is the job of managers and owners to become leaders and create that positive environment.

Managers manage a bad situation, leaders look to make that situation better. When we go around speaking to staff, the biggest driver for them is their relationship with their managers and colleagues. Most grievances we have worked on are based on the breakdown in relationships, mainly between staff and managers.

If these relationships are causing staff morale to go down and these toxic relationships are causing accidents, then it is hurting the business by allowing these relationships to foster in hostility.

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